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MISCO’s coating inspectors will provide professional coating inspection services for water towers, bridges, and digesters. MISCO will repaint your structure on-time, with a competitive bidding process, ensuring long performance coatings, and approved knowledgeable paint contractors.


MISCO will provide full project management on major or minor protective coating projects for water towers, bridges & digesters. We offer 25+ years of experience in professional coating and inspection services.

MISCO will establish the requirements for professional coating upgrades which will include:

  • Determine if existing coating is tight, adhered & acceptable for overcoating or full removal
  • Test coatings for coating thickness, adhesion, hardness, and compatibility
  • If abrasive blasting is required with full removal
  • Full containment

Once assessment is complete, MISCO will present a report on the state of your infrastructure’s coating and recommendations for industry compliance and safety.

All coating jobs are conducted  to industry standards in Canada

  • NACE, CSA, and SSPC certifications
  • We have six certified NACE coating inspectors professionals, from level 1 – level 3, readily available.

MISCO will oversee the coating inspectors process sandblasting and recoating of the structure. The timeline for professional coating will vary depending on the structure, size, and height.

MISCO will provide detailed specifications as it relates to NACE/SSPC technical specifications, including:

  • Detailed specifications NACE/SSPC/AWWA
  • Coating condition assessment
  • Approved coating materials
  • Approved Ontario coating contractors
  • Onsite NACE certified inspectors
  • Detailed computer generated reports
  • Warranty inspections

For more information on tenders, please call us at 613-847-5618.


MISCO’s inspection team will have a NACE Certified Coating Inspector L3 (Peer) and a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) for determining the overall current condition of the Potable Water Structure.

Our hours of operations are flexible to meet the required schedule. Our staff will have all the required training and experience to complete this work on-site.

For exterior maintenance repairs, our firm will supply the required manlift to complete the exterior repair overcoating work and we will supply the required swingstage mob/demob to complete the exterior repair internal work.

Our pressure washing process would require supply (by owner) potable water for the pressure washing operations. We would require that the owner provide the back flow adaptor to protect the team during our on-site work.