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MISCO Inspection services has highly qualified NACE coating inspectors that provides quality services to facility owners for MTO, city, and provinces. We have six NACE certified coating inspectors traveling throughout Ontario and Canada. MISCO provides quality assurance to facility owners to ensure contractors are meeting the SSPC – PA-1 “Good Painting Practices”, NACE coating guidelines & contract documents. MISCO also provides quality control to contractors to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the contract, prior to passing it on to the NACE Inspectors.


Our company has six certified NACE inspectors from nace level 1 – level 3, readily available. We ensure the coatings specifications of your project are met to industry standards. We look for defects in the coating and steel surface and conduct paint samples for testing. 

MISCO will provide Full Inspection Services which include:

  • Coating Inspection in accordance with SSPC – PA-1 “Good Painting Practices”
  • Inspection of Surface Preparation in accordance with SSPC/NACE Surface Standards SSPC-SP1 to SP15
  • Inspection of Surface Profile in accordance with TEST”X-CourseTape in mils or microns (as specified)
  • Inspection of Dust Levels prior to coating application in accordance with ISO 8502-3
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) on coating or liners using SSPC-PA2 (Measuring Coating Thickness According to SSPC-PA2)
  • Testing and monitoring Ambient Conditions for coating/curing of paint materials applied.  We monitor; Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Temperature, Dew Point and spread between Surface Temperature and Dew point must be greater than 3 degrees Celius and rising – prior to any application taking place.
  • Inspection for proper curing of coating/liners.
  • Mixing and Thinning, product temperature, batch number confirmed new product (not out of date)
  • Ultrasonic Steel Thickness Testing – upon request.
  • Containment Inspection to ensure all hazardous dust and others are fully contained as specified by the owner or consultant.
  • Low Voltage or High Voltage Holiday Testing on in internal liners or membranes.

MISCO looks for the following coating defects:

  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion failures
  • Blistering
  • Bloom/blush
  • Chalking
  • Cracking/Mud cracking
  • Orange peel
  • Pinholes, rippling, runs
  • Rust bloom/rash
  • Rust spotting, rust staining,
  • Sags
  • Chemical attacks
  • Undercutting
  • Solvent popping
MISCO can provide pricing for Cathodic Engineering, supply, installation for new cathodic protection.
Please contact MISCO for additional information.


Our hours of operations are flexible to meet the required schedule. Our staff will have all the required training and experience to complete this work on-site.

MISCO Inspection Services will show up to job site with an equipment trailer with safety fall arrest equipment for climbing, recuse equipment, technology, and other tools used for access on the tower if needed. A  team of 2-3 will be led by Keith Turney, a NACE Certified Coating Inspector, a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) for determining the overall current condition of the structure, and a CTech, Safety Personnel.

If pressure washing is required by MISCO prior to the inspection, the owner is required to provide the back flow adaptor to protect the team during our on-site work.