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MISCO Inspection Services offers safety fall protection arrest systems, MOL Vertical Rail replacements and CSA approved rail safety upgrades. The easy-climb GlideLoc System offers hands-free fall protection that ultimately increases worker mobility, safety and productivity. MISCO will install safety protection fall arrest system for the exterior or interior of water towers.


Portable water towers require MOL safety upgrades to meet government and industry requirements. MISCO carries a full stock of all Honeywell materials to install immediately.

MISCO Inspection Services will provide: Professional Engineering Services (P.Eng. Stamped), design, shop drawings, Honeywell Glideloc supply, installation, photos, and report of the completed installation.

MISCO Inspection Services offers and installs CSA Honeywell GlideLoc Fall Arrest Systems. Honeywell systems are manufactured in Germany and typically takes eight to ten weeks for delivery.

If you choose MISCO for your safety rail upgrade, we currently have enough supply in our warehouse to complete your water towers now (without delay). Your tower would be fully compliant to CSA Standards.

Depending on the type, size, and location of the tower, the timeline could vary. However, a typical timeline could be:

  • 1.0 day for mobilization
  • 1.0 removal
  • 1.0 day for installation of rail system
  • 1.0 day for demobilization

Please call us for an accurate quote on your project 613-847-5618

Typical Safety Upgrades – Available on all potable water structures

  • Vertical Rail Galvanized / Stainless Steel Replacement and Upgrade – Fall Arrest
  • Davit Base Plates -Stainless Steel
  • Frost Free Roof Vent (Two Way Venting)
  • Hatch Replacement c/w relief collar, paint and coating
  • Safety Rest Seat
  • Subway Hatch CWB Installation – Floor of Water Tower
  • Roof Handrail Upgrades
  • “D” Rings Stainless Steel
  • Safety Stops on Vertical Fall arrest Systems
  • Antenna Frequency Assessment – Guide 6
  • Davit Arms, Winches, Harness, etc.
  • Dismount Masts
  • Cable Trays
  • Security Gates on Vertical Ladders
  • NACE Documentation for Safety Documentation & Photos
  • Year MOL Certified Safety Equipment Inspections

All GlideLoc Fall Arresters lock immediately into the rail in the event of a fall. Features on why MISCO recommends Honeywell GlideLoc Safety Systems:

  • Automatic design – keeps both hands free for climbing
  • Stainless steel catch clamp – locks into the rail in the event of a fall
  • Integrated shock-absorbing mechanism – reduces force on the worker and system in the event of a fall
  • Integrated swivel, auto-locking carabiner connection – aids in trailing alignment and meets allowable attachment length
  • Design prevents up-side-down installation – increases worker safety by ensuring proper attachment


Water towers do not require being drained for the duration of the CSA Fall Arrest Vertical Rail Safety Upgrade. The tower may remain on-line with no disruption to the owner/users.

MISCO may recommend the tower to be drained if it requires internal safety upgrades after the initial inspection.

Our hours of operations are flexible to meet the required schedule. Our staff will have all the required training and experience to complete this work on-site.

Deliverable List for your records:

  • Pre-removal and Post Installation of Safety Rail System
  • CSA Documentation and Certification Report