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Facility owners should have their water towers inspected every three (3) to five (5) years. We will conduct a condition survey and inspect the tower internally and externally and provide a detailed technical report outlining coating condition, structural condition, safety upgrades required under OH&S.


Water towers and storage tanks have to be inspected periodically to detect any structure liabilities, such as steel corrosion, leaks, rust, coating failures, which could lead to service interruptions and poor water quality for the community.

Once project has been awarded to MISCO Inspection Services, MISCO will set up a Project Kick-off meeting with the client to review the scope of work and deliverables for the project.

MISCO will inspect the project structure and provide a report of recommendations, pictures, and a project estimate for client approval.

Prior to the inspection, the tank should be cleaned to properly inspect the towers internal structure and components.

MISCO will conduct a condition survey on the structure and look for defects in the coating and steel surface by conducting paint samples with a grinder. MISCO will send the paint samples to the lab for testing and will touch up the tower with paint before leaving. 

For determining the overall condition of the protective coating system, we will reference ASTM D610/SSPC-VIS 2 (Standard Method of Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces). The Rust Grade Ranges from Best Rust Grade Condition # 10 (<0.01 % Rusting) to the Worst Rust Grade Condition # 0 (50% or greater Rusting).

For determining the current dry film thicknesses of paint on the structure we used a calibrated Positector 6000 Dry Film Thickness Gauge for determining the overall average of the combined coating thickness.

One NACE Inspector will provide DFT Testing as per specification according to SSPC-PA2 Test Methods.

For determining “Current Adhesion Values of Existing Coating”  MISCO Will complete several Field-Test following ASTM D3359 – “X” – Cut Method “A”, or provide ASTM D4541-02 Hydraulic Adhesion Pull Test to determine the adhesion value of the coating/liner to the substrate material.

During our inspection, MISCO will report the following with images:

  • Inspection on internal all surfaces; ceiling, walls, floor, piping, mixing system, manways, structural steel corrosion levels, etc.
  • Inspection for cracks, water migration, honeycombing, delaminations, aggregate exposure, etc.
  • Cementitious degradation of the cement paste
  • If the upper trough requires pressure washing, abrasive blasting and full application of epoxy non-shrink grout on all internal surfaces and topside


Our hours of operations are flexible to meet the required schedule. Our staff will have all the required training and experience to complete this work on-site.

MISCO Inspection Services will show up to job site with an equipment trailer with safety fall arrest equipment for climbing, recuse equipment, technology, and other tools used for access on the tower if needed. A  team of 2-3 will be led by Keith Turney, a NACE Certified Coating Inspector, a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) for determining the overall current condition of the structure, and a CTech, Safety Personnel.

If pressure washing is required by MISCO prior to the inspection, the owner will provide backflow preventer to protect the “potable water supply”.